Dear Reader,

You may be planning to start a family and have children. We have the solution to lift any financial burden in your efforts to start your family, or welcome the new additions to your family.

We are aware that there are concerns which you may cross your mind, and delay your intention to start your family or have more children.


These could be:

High cost for child births
Caesarean birth due to medical condition
Complications of child birth to mother or child
New born care for babies
Immediate medical cover for your new born baby
Pre & post natal treatment
Neo natal complications
Treatment for Congenital or hereditary defects

Our unique medical plans will take care of your worries and monetary burden. We have the near perfect cover to insulate your plans all the way to the joy and sweet moments that you deserve.

Our Global Medical Insurance with Pregnancy benefits can be just the thing you need to ensure security and comfort for your family.

Starting a family? Worried of high maternity cost? We have a solution for you..

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